Today marks the anniversary of the first year living in this house.

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Made it to my target this week. I set myself a goal of listing seven items onto eBay this week. It is now Thursday evening and I am really tired but nine new items have been listed today.

I didn’t manage to make a start last week because my daughter broke her foot and so many other set backs just took over. That is why I put in the extra effort today and got more than my seven up.

I know I’m not going to be able to reach my target of seven newly listed items each week but as far as I’m concerned. This is a good number. One a day.Anything more is a bonus and not an excuse not to put the effort in next week.

However I need to do a full post soon about the changes that my home have undergone. I still need to put photos up of my living room. The fact I’m now typing this post in the room of doom on a desk. I painted the shed so it doesn’t look so dinghy. That was done in the dark. Street light, anyway. Let us just say I was happy that I hadn’t left any patches, un-painted. Go me!

Like I said, I’m now sat in my room of doom, or as it will become my hide-away. And it is so depressing the amount of stuff I have to do, to clear this room.

Looking back to what it used to be, to now is amazing progress but that’s just it. It is only progress and not complete.

Today marks the anniversary of the first year living in this house. Only one room is complete. The downstairs toilet. Not even my daughter’s room is fully done. It is still waiting on beading to edge the flooring. Then it needs painting. My bedroom seems to be a dumping ground for everyone’s dry clean clothes which are waiting to be sorted and put away. Every time I fully clear the piles. Another wash load ends up in there.

I did manage to give a lampshade away this week. That felt good to have another thing leave. That and I sold a girl’s dress on eBay. Always good to know that everything here will be used, as we aren’t and just have too much of it the stuff.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to have to make some mess in the room of doom and get to some boxes and sort those them. Then plan better what to get rid of next.

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