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A short explanation to why my site is called “Oh Positive Mum”.

Two things I discovered when I became a mother. One was during pregrency and the zillon blood tests and what not. I found out my blood type. I’m sure you can figure which type I am.

The other was when my eldest daughter was coming up to a month old and when my husband was changing her nappy she vomited over the side of the top of the changing table into the drawers below and at the very same time shot out liquid poo out and covered her cot. The word “OH!” followed by something else like “sugar”; since seems to have stuck. In other words if someone was to count the amount of times, my husband or myself has spoken the words “oh!” as a beginning of a sentence, counts more than any other word.

Besides all these “oh” due to the trials my daughters put me through. I try to be the most positive mum I can be. Always looking for the reason something has happened. For example; when my children decide to have a water fight in the kitchen. At first that overly used word plus a few choice words join in, but looking for the positive, maybe the floor did need to be mopped today. They just motivated me to get it done sooner.

I truly feel blessed that I am learning as well as my daughters. They teach me everyday that happiness isn’t this big thing that you have when you got everything or when you finally have all your dreams come true. It’s the little things; like being grateful that you’re alive. Being able to play with lego again, without feeling too old. Dancing like an idiot, and not caring because it is just fun. Before my girls turned up in my life, I was always worried how people would judge me. Now, well, let them judge, we are happy not caring what they think.


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