Advice for the first time eBay seller and the reasons I do

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Many of you probably visit my blog and wonder why I am eBay crazy. Why I’m sell, sell, sell.

Well the reason is that I don’t like wasting and the thought of just dumping everything into landfill makes me cringe.

Everything I list up on eBay are items that have so much use left in them and will be loved by another. Before they end up being tossed.

In fact, the chances are that after the next person has used them and out grows their need. They might even end up back on eBay for someone else.

Lots are brand new and are unwanted gifts. Shameful to say but apparently I’m really hard to buy for so family and friends just seem to buy me any old thing that they like and hope that I do too.

Just shows that not many know what I like or who I am.

The most part of what I list is children’s clothing.  I have two daughters and they are growing up so fast.  Each of them seem to have more clothes then my husband and myself combined.  So laundry is one household chore that has now turned into a military operation.

So I have to get rid of everything that they have grown out of quickly.  Not that it is going fast enough because my study is named the room of doom, for a reason.

I don’t make money from what is sold, once eBay and PayPal takes their cut from it. I do get a little back from it and that all goes back into swimming and ballet lessons for my girls.

For me, the swimming lessons are really important. Not just for a healthy activity but I believe it is a important life skill. You never know it may save them one day.

This coming from someone that has nearly drowned 3 times.  Yes I don’t have much luck with water.

So do I have any tips for first time sellers on eBay?

Well,  ask yourself have you used the item for the last year, 6 months, 3 months? No

How much did you buy it for and is it in good condition?

Now with everything, once used it no longer has it’s full value.

So you need to think about a third of the price paid.

However you need to decide whether to list it as a buy it now or auction.

The advantage to buy it now is you can list it for 30 days at the best possible price you hope to get for it. I recommend adding best offer with this option and set it to the lowest you are willing to accept for it.
The disadvantage is that it could be on your account for a very long time.

The advantage to auction is that you are more likely to get a faster sale. And sometimes much higher price than you thought it would go for.
The disadvantage is that it won’t sell or it may go for as little as 99 pence. After PayPal and eBay take their cut that will leave you with about 50 pence.

Another tip is take plenty of clear photos. EBay gives you up to 12 free so try to use them.

If any stains, holes etc, mention it. Take close up photos of the problem.

A buyer won’t be happy to find out that you lied! I wouldn’t be so that is why I am so careful to check.

So next time you think of throwing something away, don’t, list it! You might only end up with 50 pence but that is 50 pence more than if you throw it away!

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