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Two of my friends have gone vegan and at first I thought it was just for health reasons. Well for one of them it started out that way but they came across the American documentary Earthlings.

As shocking and disturbing as it is to watch. I don’t feel that everyone becoming vegan is going to be the answer.

Some of the clips filmed were from the 90’s? And a lot of these issues have been address since then. Not all and I’m sure it still goes on. But isn’t it our job to become more informed and educate ourselves to where everything comes from?


Take the BBC documentary, “Kill It, Cut It, Use It” a 5 part series that explained what happens in the UK.


I’m not saying that this will justify eating, wearing animals; not at all! But not all animals suffer to the extent that the “Earthlings” documentary ingrains deeply into the viewers minds.

Myself, I still will eat eggs, there is several local farms with free range chickens that are looked after. In addition one of these friends gone vegan, has chickens. I have no problem eating the eggs. She might not and I don’t believe in food waste.

The same goes for meat, wearing leather and everything else.
I do however want to make a huge point here!

I am very conscientious of where my food comes from. But like everyone, I can only go by the labels.

Avoiding animal products is a lot harder than you think if you are planning on going full vegan.

Please watch “Kill It, Cut It, Use It” just in the episode “cow”
you see how cows end up as leather seats, tennis racket strings, buttons, fine bone china, glue and even fire fighting foam.

Have you gone vegan or vegetarian? How difficult did you find the transition? How did you cope with meals for the rest of the family? I really want to hear from you.

Thank you for reading

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