After watching Earthlings

Two of my friends have gone vegan and at first I thought it was just for health reasons. Well for one of them it started out that way but they came across the American documentary Earthlings.

As shocking and disturbing as it is to watch. I don’t feel that everyone becoming vegan is going to be the answer.

Some of the clips filmed were from the 90’s? And a lot of these issues have been address since then. Not all and I’m sure it still goes on. But isn’t it our job to become more informed and educate ourselves to where everything comes from?


Take the BBC documentary, “Kill It, Cut It, Use It” a 5 part series that explained what happens in the UK.


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Best Buddy for a non slip bath – product review

Over a year ago (1st October 2015) I bought Sylglas ASDCL Anti-Slip Discs for my bath as I have become extremely fed up of every few months having to replace the bath mat and having to make an additional wash just for the mat.

It is a safety issue when it comes to children. You want them to be confident that standing up to get in and out of the bath/shower is safe and they aren’t just going to slip and fall when doing so. Children play. Regardless where they are and the idea of them slipping and falling under the bath water just because a mat wasn’t stuck down properly. It is another thing that could put them off water all together.

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The evolution of my blog

This used to be my personal blog on my journey of de-cluttering
Finding new homes for useful things

I sell mostly through and now started with Gumtree. I have many items that are brand new from unwanted gifts or items such as clothing that has been out-grown by my daughters. My aim is to find new homes that each of these things can find a use again. In addition to you grabbing at a bargain price.

When my family and I first watched the film WALL.E, it hit home how continuing buying new things to replace the old and throwing out was going to mount up. I decided then to only part with anything if I can find a new purpose for it.

By the time my second daughter was born I had got onto eBay and started selling many things that was not of any more use to any of us. Asking family and friends if they needed/wanted first and then listing it.

I had been called a hoarder up until then. Keeping everything from years gone, even if it hadn’t left a box in years.

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About The Site’s Name – Oh Positive Mum

A short explanation to why my site is called “Oh Positive Mum”.

Two things I discovered when I became a mother. One was during pregrency and the zillon blood tests and what not. I found out my blood type. I’m sure you can figure which type I am.

The other was when my eldest daughter was coming up to a month old and when my husband was changing her nappy she vomited over the side of the top of the changing table into the drawers below and at the very same time shot out liquid poo out and covered her cot. The word “OH!” followed by something else like “sugar”; since seems to have stuck. In other words if someone was to count the amount of times, my husband or myself has spoken the words “oh!” as a beginning of a sentence, counts more than any other word.

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Advice for the first time eBay seller and the reasons I do

Many of you probably visit my blog and wonder why I am eBay crazy. Why I’m sell, sell, sell.

Well the reason is that I don’t like wasting and the thought of just dumping everything into landfill makes me cringe.

Everything I list up on eBay are items that have so much use left in them and will be loved by another. Before they end up being tossed.

In fact, the chances are that after the next person has used them and out grows their need. They might even end up back on eBay for someone else.

Lots are brand new and are unwanted gifts. Shameful to say but apparently I’m really hard to buy for so family and friends just seem to buy me any old thing that they like and hope that I do too.

Just shows that not many know what I like or who I am.

The most part of what I list is children’s clothing.  I have two daughters and they are growing up so fast.  Each of them seem to have more clothes then my husband and myself combined.  So laundry is one household chore that has now turned into a military operation.

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Why I drink cold coffee ☕

It seems that whatever I do. I seem to be chasing my tail.
Laundry is continuous, I’m constantly making food and then clearing up. I never seem to stop. Dishes to be done and then put the away. Tidying up the toys after the kids play. So when do I get a chance to sit down and drink a hot cup of coffee? I don’t!

I’ve become accustomed to drinking my coffee cold and tea and pretty much everything else including food you name it.

So when I go to a friend’s house and they make me coffee I tend to take some time to drink it because they serve it hot and expect me to drink it straight away. I can’t seem to do that any more. I have to wait for it to cool down or I have plenty of milk.

I thought when my youngest started school I would have more time to clean up.

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What I’ve come to realise

On the 22nd February 2016 will mark the two years that I have been on this downsize, declutter and new way of approach to things and stuff.

I look around my house and see so much still here and how I haven’t made any progress.

Then something happens like my eldest daughter gets ill. TMI – but she vomited all over her bed and floor at one in the morning. By 5am we were in the living room and while she tries to get some shut eye between each eruption. It dawned on me that, apart from her covers and pillow plus one loved toy, that is always in her bed. Nothing else got attacked by stomach contents.

This is the first time where one of the girls are ill and I didn’t have to get the black bag out. The floor was clear.  Her bed didn’t have a weeks worth of clothes hidden in between the layers sheets. Toys stuffed into every corner and some. Not to mention books under the pillows. Pillows and more pillows. Followed by Disney fleece throws.

Drives me crazy!

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Today marks the anniversary of the first year living in this house.

Made it to my target this week. I set myself a goal of listing seven items onto eBay this week. It is now Thursday evening and I am really tired but nine new items have been listed today.

I didn’t manage to make a start last week because my daughter broke her foot and so many other set backs just took over. That is why I put in the extra effort today and got more than my seven up.

I know I’m not going to be able to reach my target of seven newly listed items each week but as far as I’m concerned. This is a good number. One a day.Anything more is a bonus and not an excuse not to put the effort in next week.

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New domain name

So I’m now and on my ebay id is the same! Brand new beginning and hopefully all looking good!

Had some set backs last week like my eldest daughter broke her foot. I’m getting there though!

How this made me so happy

Last week I posted a dress at the local post office that I had sold on eBay.  Great stuff something has left the building!
That alone made me super happy.  Then the person that served me at the post office ended up charging me less than what I put on eBay for postage.

I didn’t do this on purpose, the next day I posted an item of the same weight and size and they charged for the larger size. So yes I was right to put that on in case that I would have been charged.

So I didn’t think it was right I kept the extra postage so I did a refund of the extra money paid to me for postage.

Today I had a lovely message back from the person which made my day!

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Room of doom got more shelves.

While I was busy, cleaning the kitchen. Tiding up after the children. Making countless meals for everyone. I heard drilling and other things moving up stairs. Such as heavy metal music, being played so loud I think the area could hear it.

I wasn’t about to investigate as I husband didn’t seem to be in the best of moods and he was using power tools.

So after grabbing the third lot of washing off the line, I went up asking if he wanted a coffee.

The landing was full of boxes, from the room of doom and he was behind the door. I popped my head around and “Wow! Shelves.”

I now have to organise them all as he has just dumped all the boxes onto them. So you can’t really say it is an improvement but never the less. I can now sort things off the floor.


I always seem so surprised that there is progress

It’s nearly a year since we have lived in this house. And I still feel like I’m losing the battle with the room of doom.  I do however now have a desk in there and have more access to many things that I am (too) slowly listing onto eBay.
DSC_0137Doesn’t look great does it. It is a box hell. Full of items and with that saying “If you haven’t used it in a year, get rid!”

It is starting to make it very clear that everything in this room needs to be got rid of. Well maybe not everything. At the beginning of this month I finally found my long lost hair straighteners. Been searching for them for ages. I knew I had seen them in this house and we definitely didn’t leave anything behind. So where the heck could they be?

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Been busy

London trip

Wow time has flown. Summer holidays with the girls were eventful. My husband surprised me with a over-night trip to London for my birthday. Fluffy (eldest daughter) started swimming lessons and I’m so proud to say she has taken to it like a fish.  Bubbles (youngest daughter) has adapted to nursery and no more tears over leaving me.

Potty training was started at the beginning of the summer holidays and some days Bubbles had it done like a pro and other days, well she just went through knickers and clothes and I think my floor has been the cleanest it has ever been. Poor floor has been mopped so much that I’m glad that it was warm to dry it quickly enough, between mopping. Bless her that she still isn’t there yet but at least progress has been made.

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