Bank Holiday Monday

The idea of today was to empty the bathroom and decorate it.
At the moment it still is an old stained yellow paint and full of holes that need filling.

So far I’ve emptied everything out of there and cleaned it down. My husband would normally, kick me out of that room and fill the holes in and sand it all smooth.  He likes doing this and takes over as it makes him feel “the man” around the house.  Then wait for me to clean up the sanding dust while he prepares the paint and tools to get on with it.  Of course, he is a perfectionists.  So only perfect lines and no errors allowed.  This again is why he takes over.

I really don’t mind as it is one less job for me to do. Well actually, a lot of jobs less for me to do.

But meanwhile I have discovered, an (what seems to be) endless supply of toiletries.  More Johnson and Johnson baby bubble bath and baby powder than a local shop.

Why do I have so much of this still here? Well with the births of both my little darlings, came the sets. Now most of it didn’t get used.  Be time my second turned up, more sets arrived and just all mounted up.

Let’s not get carried away here, I’m no angel either.  Buy one get one free (bogof), get the third item free, and other such offers have got me too.

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash,  etc. It’s all amounted up.

While I’ve been trying to sell of the gift sets which I get for Christmas and birthdays. I have neglected to take stock of what’s in my bathroom already.

Something I now need to sort out and see if I can get rid of some of this.  And have a beautiful new painted bathroom and to be clutter free once everything goes back in.


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