Been busy

London trip

Wow time has flown. Summer holidays with the girls were eventful. My husband surprised me with a over-night trip to London for my birthday. Fluffy (eldest daughter) started swimming lessons and I’m so proud to say she has taken to it like a fish.  Bubbles (youngest daughter) has adapted to nursery and no more tears over leaving me.

Potty training was started at the beginning of the summer holidays and some days Bubbles had it done like a pro and other days, well she just went through knickers and clothes and I think my floor has been the cleanest it has ever been. Poor floor has been mopped so much that I’m glad that it was warm to dry it quickly enough, between mopping. Bless her that she still isn’t there yet but at least progress has been made.

Room of doom now has a desk up in there and is slowly turning into a study. Living room has had it’s lick of pain and glad to say walls are now done. So floor left, hopefully before the end of this year.

Ebay is getting listed on. Regularly now. It is a bit of a breakthrough for me as I have 3 hours a week on a Friday morning to get some more done each week.


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