Advice for the first time eBay seller and the reasons I do

Many of you probably visit my blog and wonder why I am eBay crazy. Why I’m sell, sell, sell.

Well the reason is that I don’t like wasting and the thought of just dumping everything into landfill makes me cringe.

Everything I list up on eBay are items that have so much use left in them and will be loved by another. Before they end up being tossed.

In fact, the chances are that after the next person has used them and out grows their need. They might even end up back on eBay for someone else.

Lots are brand new and are unwanted gifts. Shameful to say but apparently I’m really hard to buy for so family and friends just seem to buy me any old thing that they like and hope that I do too.

Just shows that not many know what I like or who I am.

The most part of what I list is children’s clothing.  I have two daughters and they are growing up so fast.  Each of them seem to have more clothes then my husband and myself combined.  So laundry is one household chore that has now turned into a military operation.

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Try this, if someone (parents, partner, children) is shouting at you.

Whisper back to them.  “I’ll talk to you when you are calm.”

Of course they’ll shout some more and say that they can’t hear you.

Just whisper the same again. Repeat until they stopped shouting and say calmly, now at a normal talking level, “I was saying I’ll talk to you when you’re calm. If you are ready to talk than say what you need to. But you do not need to shout to get the message across. I will probably listen more if you aren’t shouting and screaming at me.”

Works best first time as it shocks the person out of their rage. But also gives you a chance to deal with their anger and not retaliate with more angry words.

The more practice you have with it, the less likely that you will say something you regret later on.

Let me know how it goes.

I am made to feel like a terrible mum

When you try to do your best for your children by teaching them to be polite, right and wrong and just giving them the best. You find so much advice from every where.

Be it as a post that has been shared on facebook, or forums full of parenting advice. Not to mention, family and friends telling you that you should or shouldn’t do for the best.

This is or has become a sore subject between my mother and I, over how I am with my daughters.

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