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Advice for the first time eBay seller and the reasons I do

In Advice by Danielle

Many of you probably visit my blog and wonder why I am eBay crazy. Why I’m sell, sell, sell. Well the reason is that I don’t like wasting and the thought of just dumping everything into landfill makes me cringe. Everything I list up on eBay are items that have so much use left in them and will be loved …


In Advice, Family, Tips and tricks by Danielle

Try this, if someone (parents, partner, children) is shouting at you. Whisper back to them.  “I’ll talk to you when you are calm.” Of course they’ll shout some more and say that they can’t hear you. Just whisper the same again. Repeat until they stopped shouting and say calmly, now at a normal talking level, “I was saying I’ll talk …