New Year, New Me and My Bullet Journal

Danielle Personal updates

I haven’t posted for a while now because I was trying to find myself and my purpose. Since last August, I have got involved with a community group called Families Together and in December volunteered for the local community hub. I can’t tell you how much has changed because the biggest thing is my focus and mindset. I am happier …

The evolution of my blog

Danielle Personal updates

This used to be my personal blog on my journey of de-cluttering Finding new homes for useful things I sell mostly through and now started with Gumtree. I have many items that are brand new from unwanted gifts or items such as clothing that has been out-grown by my daughters. My aim is to find new homes that each …

About The Site’s Name – Oh Positive Mum

Danielle Personal updates

A short explanation to why my site is called “Oh Positive Mum”. Two things I discovered when I became a mother. One was during pregrency and the zillon blood tests and what not. I found out my blood type. I’m sure you can figure which type I am. The other was when my eldest daughter was coming up to a …

Clothes clothes clothes

Danielle Personal updates

Every week I’m faced with mountains of clothes that I have had to wash dry and then sorted ready to put away. My eldest daughter is meant to put her own away and same goes for my husband. That leaves my youngest and mine to do. Unfortunately this never goes to plan.

Today marks the anniversary of the first year living in this house.

Danielle Personal updates, to-do

Made it to my target this week. I set myself a goal of listing seven items onto eBay this week. It is now Thursday evening and I am really tired but nine new items have been listed today. I didn’t manage to make a start last week because my daughter broke her foot and so many other set backs just …

How this made me so happy

Danielle Personal updates

Last week I posted a dress at the local post office that I had sold on eBay.  Great stuff something has left the building! That alone made me super happy.  Then the person that served me at the post office ended up charging me less than what I put on eBay for postage. I didn’t do this on purpose, the …

The week in review

Danielle Personal updates

Monday – procrastinating wasn’t the word. Ended up spending nearly a whole day at Romany’s (Pudding and boo) and we were discussing the surprise gift that my husband had bought for me. Later on in the day, it came. A A5 filofax in bright pink.  When I say bright, I mean Filofax A5 Size The Original Fluorescent Pink Leather Personal …