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Recently I came across a local artist with a very unique way of painting, she uses mixed mediums and approaches her art spiritually.
She has not been painting for very long, but has already made progress which I think is worth talking about.

I got a chance to ask her a few questions and get more of an insight.

Romany started painting because she wanted to be more creative and to express herself. She enjoys getting messy. In addition it was an outlet to deal with the emotional pressures and stress of life as a full time mother. She just bought some paint and got to work.
There was an art tutorial on YouTube and she painted a dream catcher. Then followed a few more and filled up a sketchbook.
Around the same time she really wanted a mandala tattoo, so worked on a few designs. Somewhere the paintings and drawings became one.
Then she got brave and showed off her work on her Instagram account, and someone asked if she would paint one for them. Apprehensively, she did and they were very happy with the results. That gave her the confidence to continue. And she hasn’t stopped since.

Romany’s mother inspires her because she is a strong independent woman and has always gone after her dreams. Her mother told her to “find something that you love and get paid for it!”.
Romany feels that if her work is appreciated enough people might buy it, thus achieving her goal set out by this advice.

She has started with art craft shows and online events, and is considering an exhibition for the future. Her ambition is to one day open an online shop using Etsy.

Her first craft fair, which is fast approaching on 15th July 2017, is going to be a pivotal moment for her and her artwork. Romany is an introvert and she thinks seeing people’s reactions to her work is going to be very testing as she has spent so much time creating and putting her love and care into each painting.

I would like to wish Romany all the best in the future. Look out for this Artist as she is going to be big!

If you would like to see her art, please visit her website Esther Lily Art* and her Instagram account* (*opens new page)


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