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This used to be my personal blog on my journey of de-cluttering
Finding new homes for useful things

I sell mostly through and now started with Gumtree. I have many items that are brand new from unwanted gifts or items such as clothing that has been out-grown by my daughters. My aim is to find new homes that each of these things can find a use again. In addition to you grabbing at a bargain price.

When my family and I first watched the film WALL.E, it hit home how continuing buying new things to replace the old and throwing out was going to mount up. I decided then to only part with anything if I can find a new purpose for it.

By the time my second daughter was born I had got onto eBay and started selling many things that was not of any more use to any of us. Asking family and friends if they needed/wanted first and then listing it.

I had been called a hoarder up until then. Keeping everything from years gone, even if it hadn’t left a box in years.

So things had to change and drastically. I now had a family to think about and a way to raise extra income to fund my girls’ ambitions. Between swimming lessons, ballet, gardening and the many craft play, it all requires money. Something that is in short supply.

My husband already works all the hours going as a coach driver, so it is up to me. As a stay-home mother (at the moment) the best thing that I can do to solve two problems at once is to sell off everything that we don’t need any more. This clears up our house of clutter and giving us room to use each room and puts some money towards funding my girls’ future.

I have found it limiting to what I can post about as I don’t just sell on ebay. So it is going to be slow process but I am going to shift my main focus away from my journey of selling and clearing my home to a more open range of topics that affects my life as a whole. Hopefully help others out there as well.

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