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It’s nearly a year since we have lived in this house. And I still feel like I’m losing the battle with the room of doom.  I do however now have a desk in there and have more access to many things that I am (too) slowly listing onto eBay.
DSC_0137Doesn’t look great does it. It is a box hell. Full of items and with that saying “If you haven’t used it in a year, get rid!”

It is starting to make it very clear that everything in this room needs to be got rid of. Well maybe not everything. At the beginning of this month I finally found my long lost hair straighteners. Been searching for them for ages. I knew I had seen them in this house and we definitely didn’t leave anything behind. So where the heck could they be?

Not to my shock, although at the time I did swear, so some shock. In a box labelled “bedroom stuff” in the room of doom. Sat there for almost a year, laughing at me! Yes, laughing! Truly making fun at how stupid one could be, not to look in there, within a box labelled for the room it should have gone into. I felt so dumb.

On the up side, the more I list on ebay, the more stuff can sell and the more floor appears.
It is the goal!

I can’t stress this enough when I say, that this isn’t about making money. It is about clearing out my home. Every time I try giving thing away, nobody wants it or thinks there is something wrong with it. Apparently putting a price on it makes it go faster? I don’t get it either. It does however make far more work for me to get into this room.

Things are going. That is is the main thing. Actually if you buy a lot on ebay please add me to your favourite sellers and even if you don’t want to buy anything there at the time maybe something will come up in the future. Or you could share an item on twitter, facebook. I don’t mind. Hey, I’m even getting rid of the desk so you like, let me know.


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