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My sincere apologies

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I’ve had so many setbacks since my last post. Not with clearing up my house by blogging it.


I have however starting using the hashtag #clearingupmyhome on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook etc.

Now I just have to find a way to include that into this site and I’ll be laughing.

Until now just trying to update the blog has been a right royal pain in the butt. Between my mobile app wouldn’t login. That and my desk the dumping ground needs some attention before I can manage to sit at my desk again. Properly that is.
Here is some of the good news
In November
The floor was finally put down in my living room. Over a year of upset and chaos caused by the flood in there. That is all behind us now and moving on.
I concentrated on selling as much as I could. A lot went through and friends and family gladly took other things off my hands too.
Selling slowed down to almost a halt and I realised no one is going to buy right now so then I moved onto making some drastic decisions about where we were going to focus our efforts on. With half term in the school looming around the corner, not to waste that time, we (I) had to make sure everything was here, ready to start the next project.

In addition to that. I have a confession to make. I am addicted to Snapchat. There I said it! This doesn’t help me in any way because I still add to my Snapchat story and message my friends everyday using it. In fact I, well we have some really long conversations using Snapchat. I know, I know! I hear you loud and clear. Of course I know I should do something about it.
The bathroom had its make-over and about time too! It was the only room in the house not to have anything really done to it. Sure it got the cleaning, and a darn good one at the beginning. Since then, as you expect many more deep cleaning. Only the ceiling got painted white and that was that.
That all changed and apart from the door. It is done! I can’t tell you how happy that has made me. Plenty of photos to come from that.
Started well because I went away for a hen weekend in a lovely hotel. Promise to say more at a lately date. Many photos up on my social networks and was truly an unforgettable experience.
Mid-March, hallway took a lick of paint. It’s not quite finished yet but that to with have it’s own post with photos.
Easter (end of March)
Bought my youngest her first school shoes. She is starting on the 13th April. For the first time I’m going to have regular time on my own. It is only two hours a day until July. Then in September she will be in school full-time. I cannot tell you how proud, pleased, scared, and emotionally mixed-up I am right now about this.
I was just coming to terms that there won’t be another baby in the house and all the baby stuff has to go. Now my toddler pre-schooler, will be a school kid and soon I am going to be just that person in the background. You know the one I talk about. Mum, the cook, cleaner, nag, that all children love to have around but don’t really understand this adult that is their safety net. Should anything go wrong?
I won’t be someone’s world anymore. At the moment my little blonde bombshell, looks up at me, wraps her arms and legs around me and buries her head into my neck. When she looks at me, I’m great, I’m amazing, and I’m supermom.
How long before I loose that? I can see it fading already with my eldest. She is only two and a half years older. So is that my time limit?
Who knows what the future holds. There is one thing for certain I know. I love them to pieces and they love me so much that all I had for Mother’s day this year that made it so special. Was the biggest hug ever that my dear husband managed to catch a photo of the moment.

Mother's Day hug

Best hug in the world from my daughters

My girls had been away for the weekend while I was on the hen weekend and when then saw me they dived on me for the best hug. Or as the Welsh say cwtch.
I love my husband and girls so much that nothing else really matters. I just want the best for them and I don’t mean loads of money or items. I just mean the best chance, the best of me. All the love that no one can buy because there is no value to that. Just how much time you’re willing to give to someone.

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