New Year, New Me and My Bullet Journal

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I haven’t posted for a while now because I was trying to find myself and my purpose.

Since last August, I have got involved with a community group called Families Together and in December volunteered for the local community hub.

I can’t tell you how much has changed because the biggest thing is my focus and mindset. I am happier and have self-worth again. So much so that I am teaching at the hub every Wednesday.

So if you haven’t visited for a while or you are wondering if this is still an active site, the answer is Yes!

I am teaching Bullet Journaling at the Hub so there will be posts about how to do and make a BuJo work for you.
I’m still decluttering, so more on that.

As I never got around to posting about the transformation of my house. That will be making an appearance.

I have even managed to team up with a few other parents, and I’m looking forward to seeing their posts too.

I’m so excited about this year because I’m going to make it MY year. And I hope you will make this year, yours too!

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