One more thing gone!

I’ve had this unit in my bathroom at my old house and there it was the perfect size for our needs but now we have moved it just doesn’t seem to work.
It works, just doesn’t fit into our new bathroom. It blocks out the light from the window and just looks like an eyesore in the corner of the room. IMG-20150616-WA0003So much so that I ended up taking it out and I’ve left it on the landing for a while and has been driving me nuts. To make matters worse, it was at the doorway of the room of doom.


There is the problem. That room again. It is meant to be a study or spare room where friends and family can stay but at the moment it is a dump site.

Out of my desperation I asked a friend yesterday while collecting my child from school if she knew anyone that might want it. To my amazement she said that she wanted it. Well, why wait I got my recovering from illness, husband to load it into his car. Which it only just fit into. To drive it over and gone! Just like that no more tall, looming unit on my landing. Just need to get rid of that play doll’s house now and the landing is clear.

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