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Outsmarted by my Confident Child and I’m Proud

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St David’s Day, in Wales this is a big deal to dress your children up, and they have to look their best. It’s like photo day but in national dress costume.

I’m trying to get both my daughters presentable. Dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed and the typical school rush before the actual run.


As I am in the middle of a (heated, my side) conversation with my nearly 8, going on 16 year old. My daughter said something which shut me up! I didn’t have a word to say. There was no angle or point of view or anything. I was entirely out-smarted by her reply, and it made me so proud to be her mother.

Usually, her smart-ass come-backs really push my buttons. This one-liner; come-back reassured me, one thing. I’m doing something right.

What was said?

The conversation of hurry up get dressed, etc. had now approached the hair stage of becoming groomed.

Me: Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You look like you have been dragged through a bush! Please let me put your hair up in a ponytail or a plait or something to make you pretty.

Her reply: I am pretty and beautiful!

End of conversation.

There it was, she believed in herself so much that she didn’t care what others thought of her hair or the way she dresses. She is beautiful.

I did, however, while sat very quiet and wondered how someone as cynical as I, on my appearance. Managed to promote and build this beautiful, confident, young girl. And what right did I have to reply to argue with her comment? After all, she was absolutely right. She is beautiful inside and out. Messy hair or not.

Left Me Feeling Terrible

I felt like I handled the whole morning wrong and I was such a terrible mother. In the end, though, I did a few things right.

1) I let her win to have her opinion of herself. It is her right to be who she wants to be. Especially since it was a positive view of herself.
2) I listened! It might have only been a nod, which I agreed. But I listened to hear point.
3) I raised her! She is a confident role model, to me! Yes me, I want to follow her lead in self-worth.

She is my role-model

I really wish I could get up and look in a mirror and see the positive things about my exterior and be happy about me. Instead of picking the faults and flaws with my appearance. They say children are your best source of inspiration. They sure do push you to your very limits.

Surely I’m not alone

Have you had a parenting moment where you found yourself in the wrong and have been corrected by a child? Have you been inspired by your or another’s munchkin? Please share your experience. Or anything similar that you can relate to this post.

Thank you for reading, and I do hope that you will subscribe to future posts.

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