So I made a massive start last year in clearing out

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2014 (just over a year ago)  I took a look around and I saw all this “stuff” that I was surrounded by and the lack of space for my children to play. I knew I had to do something before it got any worse and with my two little girls getting more, each birthday and Christmas. I was at breaking point. Skipping ahead to now. We’ve moved house and most of it has followed us. I was hoping that it would have been gone or down to a minimum by now. It’s not and making matters worse is that just giving all these expensive items away while finances are so tight.  Has well-slowed progress down to almost a halt. So I’m starting again. This time I’m blogging my progress.  Not for any reason but for me to see my progress and to see where I’ve come from. Hopefully, this will give me the push I desperately need. Wishing me good luck.


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