The week in review

Danielle Personal updates

Monday – procrastinating wasn’t the word. Ended up spending nearly a whole day at Romany’s (Pudding and boo) and we were discussing the surprise gift that my husband had bought for me. Later on in the day, it came. A A5 filofax in bright pink.  When I say bright, I mean Filofax A5 Size The Original Fluorescent Pink Leather Personal Organiser. His idea is so I don’t lose it. Where does he think I’m going to take it?
Tuesday – In the evening my mother took the girls out to the park.

Wednesday – In the morning, doing the get ready for school and school run I noticed that Bubbles had a rash. Didn’t think to much of it at the time but as the day continued it steadily got worse. I phoned the doctors and thankfully I got in soon after. She had an allergic reaction to something from Country Park. I was given some medication and to keep an eye on her for 24 hours in case of breathing problems.
Just what I needed.
Thursday – Romany and I had a coffee morning and later Carrie joined us. The day seemed to come and go.
Friday – Taking Bubbles up to nursery and I’m glad to say the weather improved it was IMG_20150703_130515Well that’s it for the week. Hopefully all will improve and I’ll get some ebaying this week. Well that’s the plan.
Before I leave you, what are your thoughts on buying children’s clothing from eBay. I know mine are cleaned and mostly new in what I want to sell, but as a buyer I’m not sure if listing all of it in one go or even at all will be worth it?

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