Wall art sold plus few other stuff went

I’ll be honest I haven’t made any effort on clearing out in over a week. Mainly because of the hassle I received with the baby swing and didn’t expect to get anywhere because of it.
Someone must be watching over me because the items I had left on eBay, all but two sold.
I’ve been busy posting and making sure that everyone was happy that I have realised that one bad experience really shouldn’t put you off.
If this was my business then I would be in trouble.  I just have to dig my heals in and make a plan and stick to it.
Planning is easy. My intentions also work in my favour. It all goes wrong when I look around and see all the mess and daily chores that need doing. Then entertaining the girls and making sure that they do their chores, and not undoing mine. Once in bed (asleep) I can get on with sorting out the stuff to sell.
That is the problem, not only by then I just want to sit down and chill but any loud noise and they both get up. They I must sort them out and start again.
Need to make a realistic plan. And try to stick to it. Of course easier said than done.
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