What a hassle

Two weeks ago I managed to sell the baby swing and couldn’t be happier. Until the person that bought it off me didn’t stop contacting me. The short of it, I put the plug in the box and sent it. When it got there, plug was missing, or so she says.

I tore my house apart in a bid to find the plug that I know that was put in. Then she started complaining about other things and it went on. 200 plus emails later and I ended up having to refund her £20 which means she got it for a tiny amount and I might as well given it away for free. That has sent me back into a downer about clearing every out.

On the plus side in searching for a non existent plug I cleared out 5 black bags of rubbish and 12 blue bags (recycling collection bags). Gave away 3 large boxes of Simpson stuff, and 6 bags of toys and books to the local school.

plus the baby bath seat went to a friend.

So all in all I made progress even though I had to call help from my sister and mother to do it. That depresses me as this is my fault and I need to sort it. But there was no way I could have done all that in one day without my mum taking my two little girls out. And if it weren’t for my sister, letting go of those Simpson stuff plus a few other things would have been too hard for me. On the plus side I’m glad they have gone!

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