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On the 22nd February 2016 will mark the two years that I have been on this downsize, declutter and new way of approach to things and stuff.

I look around my house and see so much still here and how I haven’t made any progress.

Then something happens like my eldest daughter gets ill. TMI – but she vomited all over her bed and floor at one in the morning. By 5am we were in the living room and while she tries to get some shut eye between each eruption. It dawned on me that, apart from her covers and pillow plus one loved toy, that is always in her bed. Nothing else got attacked by stomach contents.

This is the first time where one of the girls are ill and I didn’t have to get the black bag out. The floor was clear.  Her bed didn’t have a weeks worth of clothes hidden in between the layers sheets. Toys stuffed into every corner and some. Not to mention books under the pillows. Pillows and more pillows. Followed by Disney fleece throws.

Drives me crazy!

I have been popping in their room once a day and collecting any thing that shouldn’t be in there. E.g. Drink’s container or dirty socks. I don’t take all of it out just a few things. Why only a few things?  Well, I ask the girls daily to check their room and tidy up. Of course when the mess becomes ‘too much’, which is depending on how much energy they feel should be used for cleaning and tidying.
As a result of my sneaky help. Both girls are still helping to keep their room tidy. Toys are actually being put away.

They are just mini-me, both of them. If it looks overwhelming then it will get worse because it just seems too much work. But little and often, then more effort to keep on top of it.

Which brings me to another amusing topic. My eldest, at the hospital, waiting to see if her foot had healed enough to take the boot off. So we are sat in the waiting room playing a game of eye spy, counting games and the topic of Christmas gets dropped in conversation.

“Mummy, what is Santa bringing me this year?”
“No idea, why what were you hoping for?”
“a hoover”
“It’s a vacuum cleaner and why do you want one? There is one already in the house. Can’t you just use that?”
“No, I want a pink one, like the barbie one, just for my room. So I don’t have to wait for you or daddy to bring yours upstairs. And daddy doesn’t like me using it.”

What was I meant to say? Two women sat opposite us starting giggling in a ‘there’s a cutie’ kinda way. Really I didn’t know what or how to react to that. She is 5! And asking for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

I feel bad about it. I don’t know why but I do.

So what has changed in 2 years. Tiding is done more often, so less to do. My girls are being more helpful if they get some help and not get told off for not doing. And I am making a huge effort to list and sell off everything that is no longer needed.

Therefore progress has been made and as a family we are different from who we were.

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