School Summer Holidays 2018 Approaching Fast and free printable

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With the school summer holidays approaching fast and not managed to sort out a family holiday or anything to look forward to. Keeping the children happy and occupied is going to be a task and a half. Depending on the ages of your children and the age range, this adds that extra stress when trying to keep them happy. Let …

Organic Shop Pomegranate and Patchouli haircare range – review

Danielle Reviews

Pomegranate & Patchouli Haircare from the Organic Shop also available exclusively at Tesco My family and I tried out the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. What the products promise: With its exotic aroma, Pomegranate & Patchouli is bursting with essential oils to give your hair extra strength and vitality. Organic Pomegranate leaves your hair looking sleek and shiny, whilst Organic …

Bullet Journal – In the beginning. 101.1

Danielle Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling is not only fashionable but effective! I have been asked to teach how to bullet journal in my local community hub because it is something that has become a bit of a hot topic and people have seen me, use mine. Therefore I am using my blog to cover the bulk of what is said in the hour …

New Year, New Me and My Bullet Journal

Danielle Personal updates

I haven’t posted for a while now because I was trying to find myself and my purpose. Since last August, I have got involved with a community group called Families Together and in December volunteered for the local community hub. I can’t tell you how much has changed because the biggest thing is my focus and mindset. I am happier …

Esther Lily Art – local artist

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Recently I came across a local artist with a very unique way of painting, she uses mixed mediums and approaches her art spiritually. She has not been painting for very long, but has already made progress which I think is worth talking about. I got a chance to ask her a few questions and get more of an insight.

After watching Earthlings

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Two of my friends have gone vegan and at first I thought it was just for health reasons. Well for one of them it started out that way but they came across the American documentary Earthlings. As shocking and disturbing as it is to watch. I don’t feel that everyone becoming vegan is going to be the answer. Some of …

family favourite recipe sweet potato tuna pie

Family Favourite Recipe – Sweet Potato Tuna Pie

Danielle Recipes

I started out with a recipe that I found in the Family Kitchen Cookbook and made some changes to suit my family. On page 87, Cheesy potato-topped tuna pie. Delicious! It really is but I decided to make a few small changes. Why not, right? Sweet Potato Tuna Pie By Danielle Morris-Brewer, 3 Oct 2016

Best Buddy for a non slip bath – product review

Danielle Reviews

Over a year ago (1st October 2015) I bought Sylglas ASDCL Anti-Slip Discs for my bath as I have become extremely fed up of every few months having to replace the bath mat and having to make an additional wash just for the mat. It is a safety issue when it comes to children. You want them to be confident …

The evolution of my blog

Danielle Personal updates

This used to be my personal blog on my journey of de-cluttering Finding new homes for useful things I sell mostly through and now started with Gumtree. I have many items that are brand new from unwanted gifts or items such as clothing that has been out-grown by my daughters. My aim is to find new homes that each …

About The Site’s Name – Oh Positive Mum

Danielle Personal updates

A short explanation to why my site is called “Oh Positive Mum”. Two things I discovered when I became a mother. One was during pregrency and the zillon blood tests and what not. I found out my blood type. I’m sure you can figure which type I am. The other was when my eldest daughter was coming up to a …

Advice for the first time eBay seller and the reasons I do

Danielle Advice

Many of you probably visit my blog and wonder why I am eBay crazy. Why I’m sell, sell, sell. Well the reason is that I don’t like wasting and the thought of just dumping everything into landfill makes me cringe. Everything I list up on eBay are items that have so much use left in them and will be loved …