Consoles Vs Parenting Guilt, the Daily Challenge

Consoles Vs Parenting Guilt, the Daily Challenge

Louise Parenting

My Parenting Guilt Does anyone else find entertaining the children a little more difficult these days? Is technology to blame? Alternatively, as we as parents getting a bit lazy? Despite my best efforts to entertain my children, they still crave gaming over real interactions. It’s as if nothing is ever good enough. Itʼs is very frustrating! It’s as if nothing …

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

Louise Books, Personal updates

Hello.👋🏻👋🏻 How are we all today? Well, I am currently a tad sleep deprived but hey!! .. I must trudge on.😀 I’m Louise Sorry, there’s me expecting you to know who I am! Louise, I am a mum to 5 little (or not so little ) critters (hence the sleep-deprived bit). I have willingly said yes to blogging on my …