Set back after set back but things are moving now.

Living room has been cleared out and is actually starting to look like a liveable room now and now a building site. Okay my husband and I has a different style when it comes to painting but hey the world is made up of different sorts of people.

So all the walls and the ceiling have gone grey and we will once finished have an orange band going up and over as well.

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Oh Bobbycot

I had the serious case of disappointment yesterday when I went to post some parcels at the post office. My local post office is going to be close to the 18th May, which is nearly 2 weeks away.
And for once I was sticking to the plan. Sort, photograph, list. I got as far as sort and then I posted, or tried to post. Then realised that just messes with plans.

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Four years and ten months later

So Amelia (fluffy) can now ride her bike without stabilisers. It’s quite something because I still can’t. I couldn’t be prouder of her.
Which is strange really because the normal reaction to someone managing to do something that doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can’t, makes you jealous?
Is it because she is my daughter?  Possibly. I mean really she might be seen in my unconscious mind as an extension of myself?

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Need to move on with planning and doing

Day 59 : I’ve listed more stuff up on eBay but I still haven’t managed to make a solid plan to get on with the massive task to ‘actually’ clearing out everything. There seems to be so many things happening at once and today all I have managed to do is two loads of clothes washing. Sort out what is ready to put away and deal with my two year old.

And help a friend come to terms with money matters. Which I was going to offer help her with selling her stuff but as I’m not getting very far with mine. I shut my face.

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

Really I should be in that ‘room’ and grabbing boxes out and putting into groups and getting it ready to sell. But I have one hours before collecting my older daughter from school and leaving all that opened stuff about the place is asking for it.

I need a plan. I need to sort that asap.

Right then (as my daughter says), I’m giving myself until Monday to make and finalise a working plan to get this done!

Wish me luck


Wall art sold plus few other stuff went

I’ll be honest I haven’t made any effort on clearing out in over a week. Mainly because of the hassle I received with the baby swing and didn’t expect to get anywhere because of it.
Someone must be watching over me because the items I had left on eBay, all but two sold.
I’ve been busy posting and making sure that everyone was happy that I have realised that one bad experience really shouldn’t put you off.
If this was my business then I would be in trouble.  I just have to dig my heals in and make a plan and stick to it.
Planning is easy. My intentions also work in my favour. It all goes wrong when I look around and see all the mess and daily chores that need doing. Then entertaining the girls and making sure that they do their chores, and not undoing mine. Once in bed (asleep) I can get on with sorting out the stuff to sell.
That is the problem, not only by then I just want to sit down and chill but any loud noise and they both get up. They I must sort them out and start again.
Need to make a realistic plan. And try to stick to it. Of course easier said than done.

What a hassle

Two weeks ago I managed to sell the baby swing and couldn’t be happier. Until the person that bought it off me didn’t stop contacting me. The short of it, I put the plug in the box and sent it. When it got there, plug was missing, or so she says.

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What a day… So yes all these ‘baby’ items must go.

Besides it being Friday 13th. And I had to look after my friend’s children, so that was my two little girls plus another two little girls in my house and trust me when I say “loud” wasn’t the word. Could not hear myself think.

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Wow so it’s a big day for the room of doom

This week sold a dress and it was great to see it go. As it had been hanging around for nearly two years. The room of doom Well today and cupboard and chest of drawers are going over to a friend’s house. The problem: they are situated at the other end of the room. The solution: we (Husband and I) have to clear everything out to get at them and yeah great opportunity to sort out. Think taking the harsh method of bin/recycle, donate, sell and keep. Seems to be a hit out there on the Internet. So let’s see if today will be that day when I gain a useful usable room to my house.


Everything has slowed down (illness)

In so much pain today. Steadily getting worse too. Cold wet weather isn’t helping. On the plus side one cupboard and set of drawers I got a promise that they are going. A friend needs them for her new nursery. The trouble is that they’re buried under all the stuff in the “room of doom”

Guess I just need to get stuck in. Maybe not today. I’m going to nurse myself well first.



I just love it when some stuff starts clearing out. Managed to get rid of a book and pyjama set on eBay. Need to list more today if I get a chance. My two year old is attacking me while I try to type this. Haven’t found a way of keeping her busy while trying to sort out, anything yet. She likes to get stuck in and “help” with me. Which means that it was better not to start at all, as it now means I have twice the job to do.

So I made a massive start last year in clearing out

2014 (just over a year ago)  I took a look around and I saw all this “stuff” that I was surrounded by and the lack of space for my children to play. I knew I had to do something before it got any worse and with my two little girls getting more, each birthday and Christmas. I was at breaking point. Skipping ahead to now. We’ve moved house and most of it has followed us. I was hoping that it would have been gone or down to a minimum by now. It’s not and making matters worse is that just giving all these expensive items away while finances are so tight.  Has well-slowed progress down to almost a halt. So I’m starting again. This time I’m blogging my progress.  Not for any reason but for me to see my progress and to see where I’ve come from. Hopefully, this will give me the push I desperately need. Wishing me good luck.