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Cardboard city

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So I sell items on eBay right? I also get a lot of deliveries from various companies. Be it nappies or other household essentials that I buy in bulk to save money in the long run.

All come in good sized cardboard boxes. Which have been stored ready to send other items in. Problem is due to many set backs. The boxes have out grown the items.

My room of doom became a cardboard city. I couldn’t get in there to get the stuff out to sell.

Saturday after trying to find some baby clothes for a friend. I lost it, and put all the cardboard boxes into recycling!

While this was happening.  Something else got cleared. My daughters bedroom.

For weeks now their room has had so much over the floor that I was dreading one of them getting ill as it would be hell to try and clear up.

Enough was enough after my eldest daughter cried her eyes out saying that there was too many toys and she couldn’t keep it tidy anymore.  Saturday afternoon, my husband took a massive black bag and everything on the floor went in.

No we haven’t binned it. Well not the non-broken stuff.  Much of it was and the timing of these big clearing ups couldn’t be better timed.


Saturday night, fluffy (my oldest) ended up with a sickness flu. By Monday morning so did Bubbles (youngest daughter).  Between the vomit waterfall down the stairs and the 15 loads of washing, bedclothes, towels, and other clothing.  The last few days have been hard going.  But no way as hard as it could have been if we hadn’t taken all those toys out.

Thankfully both girls have recovered and my husband is starting to recover now. I guess I was lucky this time not to get it but my hands have suffered from cracking and dryness.  Due to all the hand washing, and bleaching to stop any further spread.  Hand cream for the next few days I think.

In addition this does give me the opportunity to organise and get a routine of cleaning out the stuff.  Next job clear a space for our desk to go up in the room of doom.

Baby clothes must get listed soon and I hope in my next post I would have made good on that!


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