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A friend, Carrie, needed money towards her holiday and as a joke I said I’d pay her to come and clean my house.  Well after a while it seemed to make sense.

Trying to deep clean, decorate and have little helpers all in one day is quite a task.

So yesterday she was in my house cleaning.  While I took bubbles (youngest daughter) over the road to another friend’s house. Romany (who runs Esther Lily Art) and I were chatting about the fact that Carrie was cleaning my house and as much as we both felt that it was lazy on my part, getting someone else to clean for me. We did come to the conclusion that not only was I helping a friend out, and by the way, who loves to clean.  It actually makes her happy. Crazy lady! Also I can now get on with decorating the bathroom and living room.

The living room is driving me nuts as it still has a large white, unpainted strip going up the wall and across the ceiling.  It has been ages since the grey was done and the sooner it is finished. The sooner I can get the living room items out of the room of doom. Same goes for the bathroom. The toliet room and bathroom are the same colours.  Will be the same colours. So we already have all the stuff we need to do it. Just now got to do it.

I do recommend that you get someone in, even if it is just once to deep clean your home. You just feel a weight lifted from you when you walk in and see clear work tops, sparkling floors and not a toy in site. I have to thank Carrie so much for it as all I have left to do is to put the clothes away. A job that kills me on its own. In one week a mountain forms and it is only made up from two wash loads. Damn these large washing machines. Great for doing your bedding. Nightmare for putting away everything once dried.



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