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Country Park Fun In The Sun

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On Saturday, I boldly decided that it was a great idea to take my youngest Three munchkins to our local country park on a bank holiday weekend! I say ‘boldly’, as some of you know by reading my other blogs, I find it very hard to please them all! And like I have also said previously, sometimes forcing them into situations is good.

Mum on a mission

Off we went. Picture this…there I am, trudging along with four packed lunches in my rucksack, on my back, and trying to cram three scooters in the back of my car… yes! Let’s do this!!

I am super excited at this point, and to be fair the younger two were too. My ten year old however was not. I’d of been so grateful to even have a spin in the car at her age!! I mean, how dare I suggest we go to have fun on our scooters!! ..Meh!

Yay!, Lead the way kids!

We arrived at the Country park, it was filled with families playing games, riding bikes, and bbq smoke filled the air (mmm sausaaageees), we soon got the scooters out of the car.

Feeling rather smug that in fact, my ten-year-old was starting to enjoy herself, I decided to let them lead me on to where they wanted to go. I do tend to be a bit of a regimented control freak. I don’t do it to be controlling in a bad way; I just find it easier to plan things to make things a little easier and to set boundaries. Nope! Not today, I let them lead the way!

Scootering about

They scooted and bumbled about aimlessly and to be honest I was soaking in every part of nature I could (while part jogging to keep up).

It was beautiful, and the sun was out!! (We live in Wales!☔).

Choo choo!

We soon stumbled across a miniature train ride. It was very cute, and for £1.50 each we had a good ride and saw some beautiful scenery; even spotted a few hobbit homes! Got to have a bit of magic to keep the imagination going.

Miles of beach

We had a fab time on the miles of beach! It has to be in my top 3 beaches to visit for sure!

Lola, Seren-Belle and Luie enjoyed running up and rolling down the sandy dunes, and loved collecting shells and creating their beached canvas masterpieces!

Weird but wonderful swings

We discovered the big play park there; it’s an amazing park! Although watch your booties if you decide to go on the tube slide! It also has a funky swing arrangement! Swings all attached in a square! It was very odd as all the children as they swing, kind of nearly crash into one another!🙈 Despite me watching through the gaps in my fingers, the Kids enjoyed!

Munch time minus bugs!

We ate our packed lunch there as they had a fair few picnic benches situated around, thank God there were no wasps! That would have been a nightmare!! Any flying insect with any of my kids is a complete show!!

An unfortunate event

As I start to relax fully and feel content with how the day is panning out, poor Lola hits a pothole with her scooter!! The poor dab landed so hard, grazed everything and drew blood that started trickling down her elbow; she couldn’t get up.😢 What happened (or not happened ) next really did shock me! She had hurt herself, and was bleeding which was now running down her arms and dripping on the floor! I’m on the floor with her rummaging through my bag for water and plasters and talking aloud that I’d forgotten the darn plasters (I always come prepared but not today;😡 typical!). Not one person stopped to see if she was ok 😢!.

Would you care?

Okay, I may have looked like I had everything under control, but as parents, we are good at hiding how we truly feel. To be honest, no plaster would have done any good anyway. Lots of people passed and could see us. Lola was too sore to get up and obviously upset, and not one person asked if she was ok or offered any help or kind words towards her. Yes I know she wasn’t seriously hurt but I couldn’t or can’t get over the fact no one seemed to care. Maybe I’m just too sensitive? Perhaps I expect too much from others?, but what I do know is, if I ever saw someone hurt, I would always stop and ask if they were ok, especially a child!!

Looks can be deceiving

It has made me think if ever at all I see someone who seems to look as though they have everything in control, maybe they don’t feel as though they have. Maybe they would also appreciate a word or support.

Despite the tears

We did cut our day short, but despite the tears, we all really enjoyed!!

I highly recommend that if you do live in wales or if you visit at any time, Pembrey Country park is a place to visit definitely! It has so many things to do including skiing; tobogganing; horse riding; bike hire; many beautiful and wondrous walks, and much much more!!

You can even camp or bring along your camper van!

A few local recommendations

Below I have linked only a few of many places that we as a family have thoroughly enjoyed in our local vicinity. What a beautiful part of the world we live in! I will more than likely be adding more as we go.

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