Finally! Listing on eBay again

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Yes finally!

I’ve started listing on eBay again. Updated two items that weren’t selling and hopefully now they will go. I’ve set myself a target of listing five items a week. This depends on if enough items sell because I could end up with what appears to be a shop of items.

As much as I have in my house to sell. I still don’t think of it as a shop. Although maybe putting up a table at the front of mine and trying to get passer-bys to purchase  the unwanted items may be the next step.

Okay Car boot sale. Just that means loading it all up and finding a venue to sell it all. There is no promise that it will and you have to pay to park your car up to set up.

For now eBay and Facebook seems the best way to get some of this stuff (clutter) out of here.

I have four Thursdays left of the Summer holidays were my girls are enjoying their day at a fun packed nursery. I get a break to get on with, well clearing. And they get a day wear they can be messy, play and spend time with other children. The fact I have to pack their swimwear as on hot days they are out in the paddling pools and making mud pies. Oh the joy of being young and carefree.

Mind you, my eldest is showing signs that my “clearing” is setting in with her.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad? Not so long ago, she had a massive crying fit and refused to clear her room of toys away. Demanding we take it away and sell it all so she can start again but with less stuff. I asked her what she meant and she replied with no your average 5 year old’s thinking and said “Mummy, once you sell all my old stuff that I don’t play with any more. I’ll have space to play and less mess to clean up. Every Christmas is horrible because Nanna and Aunty Jennie buy me so many things, it just ends up with missing bits and I don’t want to play with it. I’d rather go out and do something then have lots of toys. Can you ask them if I can stay with them and go out instead please.”

I know what she means as my husband and I have only ever bought one thing each (or shared as last Christmas was) for the girls. Knowing that when we meet up with that it would be wrapping paper mayhem and temper tantrums. All so they can play with the big cardboard box the toy came in.

My mother and sister spoil my girls and no matter what I or my husband says to them. They don’t get it. I love the fact that they want to spoil them but, and a big but, at that. They show their love and care through giving ‘things’. I was brought up with this and I too have this, if you care for someone you show with gifts problem. It has been quite a learning curve over the last five years trying to re-programme my head into “caring is sharing, time”. My time, giving my time to my daughters, friends and family. Sitting down with them while they watch Dora the annoying explorer, or Peppa bloody pig, worst still Barbie! I much prefer listening to my eldest (try) read to her sister, singing; which I join in and then get told off for doing so.

This is why I have to sell it all. Less stuff and more time. It is my goal!

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