Four years and ten months later

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So Amelia (fluffy) can now ride her bike without stabilisers. It’s quite something because I still can’t. I couldn’t be prouder of her.
Which is strange really because the normal reaction to someone managing to do something that doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can’t, makes you jealous?
Is it because she is my daughter?  Possibly. I mean really she might be seen in my unconscious mind as an extension of myself?

Is this why certain parents push their children to work harder and try to get them to do better than others?

I personally hated the whole baby Olympics. When a group of parents compare which child is crawling, walking, eating blah blah the soonest.

All children, even siblings, grow and develop in a different time.

I have two daughters, Amelia (fluffy)  and Bethany (bubbles). They couldn’t be more different but on the other hand more the same.  I know this doesn’t make sense but both are stubborn, loud and chatty. One is dark haired and the other blonde. One loves cuddles and the other will only be hugged on their terms ie when tired or hurt. Both love one toy that goes everywhere with them. And favourite food, which drives me nuts, is baked beans and sausages.

They developed at different stages at different times. Bethany rolled over and crawled sooner than Amelia but Amelia stood up and walked just after her first birthday.  Bethany took a little longer to brave the walk without holding onto anything.

So watching Amelia take a week from stabilisers to riding on her own. Was nothing to compare to other children.  Her cousin was riding by 3 and her brother is ten months older and still struggling.

Will Bethany get there before the age of Amelia? Who knows. Guess we’ll find out in a few years time.


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