NEXT black, white ivory floral felt wall art picture box frame 58 x 58 cm


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After the defeat the other day when I didn’t manage to gain a room back. I noticed in nearly all the photos one thing that seems to remind me why I am so difficult to buy gifts for.

I don’t mean to be, but whenever someone buys me a ‘something’, it ends up adding to the clutter. I don’t think that they do it on purpose it happens that way. Getting the bathroom smelly gift set is one thing (I don’t use them), but this piece of wall art from Next was something else.

My sister bought it for Christmas for me. Now she loves going to NEXT and spending a fortune on home decor there, but I don’t. So when she bought me this it was like, “err yeah thank you. That was thoughtful of you.”

It was probably so fake that everyone in the room wanted to laugh at my attempt at not saying “What the hell made you think I would like this? Have you ever seen me put this type of stuff up before? No? Really? You thought that I needed to, so my home could look like yours?”

Let me make one thing clear here.

NEXT made lovely items, expensive items, that four and two years old would ruin and there would be tears as it couldn’t be replaced (every week). My walls are kept as blank as possible, or we have boards up for the girls to display their beautiful drawings and what not. My sister lives in a three-bedroom house on her OWN. No children or mucky hands to mess up her perfectly pink house. Yes, every room has a pink theme. Yes, every time I go over with my two girls. She is running around with a cloth in one hand and the handheld vacuum in the other. I often watch her wondering why she doesn’t want just to visit us at our house and always insists on inviting us there. It is crazy but funny to watch. I think she is just waiting for one of them to explored or something.

Therefore I made more effort tonight and took photos and spend nearly two hours trying to find a company willing to take it so I can post it once (if) sold. Then list it on eBay. I hope it goes soon because I am sick of seeing it. It has been in a box for ages, and last month I got it out wondering what to do with it. So yeah it ended up in the room of doom. Now brushed and back to its new state as I received this beautiful gift, it now awaits so be bought and loved by someone.

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