Meet Our Fur-Baby

Meet our fur-baby

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Tiddles the cat.

This is Tiddles; aka Mr T or Squiggles Mc Squish face; I know… poor bugger!

Tiddles the cat

He is our British blue short-haired cat, who will be 5 in August.

Initially, we bought his sister Bella ( she sadly passed away from being run over last November 😿), but because he was the runt of the litter and we were told he may not survive; they both came as a package.😺

Look at that face!

As you can see, he’s a mighty handsome fluff ball of love!
tiddles the cat
When he first came to us, we were told he was a female, so he was once known as Tink ( with his sister, they’d be both known as Tink and Bella 🧚🏽‍♂️)… he doesn’t like to be reminded of this, so we have overcompensated by also calling him the ‘ Beast’, or at times ..’ the man’. The things we say to our pets eh?!

He’s a funny furry ball of love

How to describe him? … hmmm, well let’s just say he’s not the cleverest bless him, but he has a pure heart of gold; and is so fab with my little horrors.

I can tell you so many funny stories about his not so; let’s just say dullness, but instead here are a few short videos of the great mouse hunt we encountered the other week.

Cat and mouse

I will be sharing more blogs in the future about my pets; as they are family too.

I hope you enjoy and share some giggles on what I had to endure ( and not for the first time either).

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