Money Matters For Our Children

Money Matters For Our Children

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Growing up is difficult enough, without the added strain of not knowing how to manage your finances. Teaching children about money sometimes is all too basic. I talk to twenty-something and thirty-something-year-olds, and they all say the same thing. “Why wasn’t taught in school?” referring to the have had a council tax bill; choosing a pension; savings account etc.

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As it has been for many decades, we have enjoyed learning about the basics of money in school. In the early primary age, we played shop with our friends. Role-playing the shop assistant and the customer and counting how much was made by the end of the session.

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Later, in primary school, it was less pay and more pen to paper working out the ins and outs as a part of a maths lesson and distancing that element of play. Secondary school play is now gone, now it is hard-core number crunching, working out twenty per cent VAT of an item bought, and how to do it quickly! After all, if you want to get employed, you need to work those numbers.

All this focuses on the inflow and outflow, but wear is the investments, mortgage understanding and the all-important money management?

Finally Financal Breakthrough

Well, I am so glad to hear that Martin,, released a book with all money matters covered. He has funded that state-run secondary schools in England will get copies of the book.

Your Money Matters, the first-ever curriculum-mapped financial education textbook, is aimed at students aged 15 to 16, and will teach them about topics such as savings, budgeting, borrowing, student loans and identity theft. It was written by the financial education charity Young Money with guidance from Martin.

Mason, Callum. First-ever financial education textbook lands in schools – funded by Martin. 07 11 2018. News Report. 08 11 2018.

Wait, I not in England and my child is going to miss out!

Not to worry because for free, you can also download the pdf of this book and I cannot recommend it enough. I too have been reading it, and I have learnt something new.

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So as there is no harm, no spend. Watching those pennies again I see, got-ya! There is no reason not to download it. In fact, there is a whole website dedicated to giving you information to young persons about money matters.


On the page it has a teacher guide and all-important FAQs for more information.

Guidance on issues such as: Saving and spending; Borrowing; Good and bad debt; Risk and rewards; Insurance; Investments; Future planning around student loans; Tax and national insurance.
While school in England will be getting 100 hard copies and 10 copies of the Teacher’s Guide. Like mentioned before you can download this fantastic book for free!

Savings for your children when you shop online

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