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I had the serious case of disappointment yesterday when I went to post some parcels at the post office. My local post office is going to be close to the 18th May, which is nearly 2 weeks away.
And for once I was sticking to the plan. Sort, photograph, list. I got as far as sort and then I posted, or tried to post. Then realised that just messes with plans.

I had to “beg” my husband to drive them to another post office and that too is closed.  But he said that seems to be closed for much longer time. So then with much debate, he had to drive to the main town, to post there.

That was it. Until the 18th I can’t possibly list anything to sell, as I can’t get it to them.

Guess it’s back to the drawing board and make another plan of action.

Maybe just sort and photograph. And prepare a listen in a notepad. Then when it comes to it I can just get it all on in one go.

Just bummed out because eBay was doing a 100 free listings as well.  That could have really helped with getting things moving quickly.

Not anymore!

Until next time, I’m just going to sort and see what else I can do.


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