Play is the language everyone can understand

Play Is The Language Everyone Can Understand

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Having fun

Do any of you still feel young at heart? I must admit that I am the biggest child going! I honestly believe it’s fantastic to be silly with your children. What’s that saying?… “ you are as young as you feel”, it’s so so very true!

I feel that having the chance to be childlike and having fun is not only great for the children you are spending time with, it’s also great for your wellbeing. Getting on their level is quite refreshing.

Always learning

I feel I have learned so many things having my five munchkins, and some of those things are, to have FUN, be SILLY and importantly, LAUGH!

Playing together is FUN!, it helps us explore everything around us.

Play is a language that everyone can understand!

The Tweenager

I have noticed with most of my children, especially my middle child Lola (now at the grand tweenage year of 10), is that she feels important and loved when I play with her.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard for me to get her to do anything remotely “family-like”, and even harder to raise a smile from her little poker face.

You can find fun in everything if you just look a little harder.

I have however have managed to find some games that just so happens to keep all of my tribe happy 😀(listed further below).

Don’t lose the fun factor

When we grow up, we still want that fun factor in our lives and to feel like we can let go and be ourselves.

Often I have watched my children play and often not joined in.

Play is good for us grown-ups too! I’m not saying it’s a cure for everything that’s hard and difficult in life, but it sure can make you feel a little uplifted and happier!

Having imagination is the key, with it there is no limit on how high you can fly!!

Finding a balance

Okay, so I know it’s impossible to have ‘fun’ all of the time. It’s all about finding a balance.

Throughout the years I have bought many a board game to help create just a bit more fun family time in our lives.

Family game night

Have a family game night, involve all those that you live with you, young or old, and visualise this:-

Saturday night. House smells like pizza, and you can hear more voices than usual in one room.

Everyone is excited, and these are one of those rare times that you don’t have to shout for the kids a trillion times to come. Instead, they call you!!

Every family should start a family tradition of having a games night!

Laughing yourself silly

Listed below are 5 fabulous family games, tried and tested, along with a short review by myself.

Most of the games are quick to win, and it’s not really about who wins (honest!), it’s all about the FUN, and laughing yourself silly.

My top 5 recommended fun family games

Boom boom balloon… this is fun for all! This game can be played in minutes, and never gets tiresome. It’s tedious and nerve wrecking fun! I loved watching my lot wincing in anticipation of the balloon popping. In the box 10 sticks are included along with a holder for the balloon. You simply roll the dice and push in the sticks to the corresponding number to pop the balloon. The aim of the game is not to pop it! Another game of chance! It’s easy to set up and you can be sure to get lots of excitement and laughs.

Say it don’t spray it– By now you may have seen some of those viral videos online if people wearing these funny mouth re-tractors, and trying to say words or phrases to guess what they are saying. It is very funny, and you will surely get a few belly laughs playing this.

Doggy doo– it is basically a plastic dog with a hand help pump that allows the squidgy “poo” slime to work its way through the dog. Each squeeze is accompanied by the most realistic and diarrhetic wet fart sound which will either make you roar with laughter or screw your face up in disgust.The aim of the game is to take it in turns, and the person who has the most poop and the end of the game wins!

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Beanboozled… okay so this is one not for the faint-hearted! My kids loved this one. The apprehension, the excitement, and the foul-tasting sugar coated beans filled them all with belly laughs. A very easy game, and a game of chance. Will you get something sweet? or will you get something foul? Spin that wheel, and unleash your fate!

Pieface – another popular game that went viral a couple of years ago. I can assure you if you have not played this game yet, you must! It’s a game if anticipation and excitement and it will not disappoint. You will need to provide the squirty cream. You take it in turns to place your face on the chin rest and spin the wheel.

You then have to click the little dial to the corresponding number on the wheel. Will you get cream in your face?? Hilarious game!!

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Unleash your inner child

I want to urge you to go ahead … , and unleash the child within you! Go play, have fun and make some memories laughing yourself silly!!

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