This week has been a challenge to get through.

Monday – I turned into 1950’s mother. House spotless upstairs and down. Children and husband fed a good healthy dinner and all was well. Then after the girls had gone to bed I did a spot of decorating in the living room.

Tuesday – house was so clean I got to spend some time learning new skills and starting to update my CV. Yes I hope to go back to work soon but doing what will depend on what jobs are available when I can start. As far as I see it at the moment it will be after Easter 2016 or even as late as September. Basically when Bubbles (youngest daughter) goes to school.

Wednesday – had to bus it with Bubbles to meet up with my cousin.  My Grandparents will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on the 9th July. My dad and uncle are meant to be organising it but it seems that the task has been handed down to us. So a day of that and Kate dropped us home and loved the decorating of our house.  Said she wouldn’t be so brave to do it but I was always the more outgoing with colour and how I expressed my creative side.

Thursday – Dropped off fluffy bug (eldest daughter) at breakfast club and bubbles (youngest daughter) was a an exceptionally good mood, for a two year old. She helped me tidy up and wanted her own space to play. I hate to admit that I actually love it when she doesn’t want my attention all the time.  It gets so tiring over the day. Be time I’m collecting fluffy bug from school, I’m tired and grumpy and trying to give her quality time with me is difficult.  By then I seem to be counting down the minutes to bed time. That is when I feel terrible.
On Thursday though, bubbles just wanted to colour, build blocks and play with teddy. She napped in the afternoon and once I collected fluffy from school.  Who was extremely tired that day. They both just wanted to watch a film. I do find it cute how they both just cuddle up under the blanket and watch a film together.
So what did I do? Helped my husband find somewhere to get food.  He is a coach driver and was in a strange place and hungry.  Google maps it was plus a lot of research. Quickly. He gets terribly grumpy when hungry. I starting into looking up of getting my old website back up. Something I had been meaning to do for a long time. When I say long time I mean html 5 wasn’t even being talked about and I was no where near talking about children, marriage and running a home. My idea of ‘running a home’ then is make sure the plates got washed before they grew legs and walked out of the flat by themselves. I was a student. Not a very tidy one at that. Trying to remember that me is like trying to describe some stranger to you. Then I remembered I hadn’t talked to an old friend of mine in ages. I felt terribly guilty so I messaged him. He replied and is still a darling. I cannot recommend his business more highly to you. He is a star in his own right! I love Brendan he is amazing at what he does and friendly couldn’t be more the truthful.
He runs and if you want to get a trustworthy company that won’t cost you the Earth it is the only place to go.

bezazz logo

So hopefully soon I’ll would have got my duck in a line and sorted myself out and I’ll be moving everything onto one of his servers and will have one site where everything goes. When I don’t know. I really need to get to grips with it all first but feeling exited about it again.

Friday – The rush was on. Had to get Fluffy bug to breakfast club, Bubbles breakfast and in the buggy catch the bus up the hill all by 8:45 am. Sounds easily done, apart from whenever I have to do anything with some speed with my girls they take their sweet *** time about everything! Drives me crazy. While all the rushing around, texting between the other mothers, about the random school details where some had and hadn’t read the letters that come home from school. That is one thing that does bug me about the school. They are completely anti-internet. No twitter account, facebook page or anything. It is like going back to the 1970’s with them. If you want to find anything out you have to add all the other parent’s of your child’s class onto facebook and post the question and hope someone reads and replies before you need to leave. If the school had updates on a twitter page or something at least you could check there. Like ‘snow day’ alright that doesn’t happen often but you find out by listening to the local radio. This is a problem in my house as we never listen to the radio. If we listen to music it would be iTunes, Google Music or bought disks. None of which would help on a snow day.

Managed to get Bubbles to her nursery and then I had the long walk back down the hill. On a lovely sunny morning. I love it. Friday was not a lovely sunny day. It was raining, pouring, absolutely bucketing it down.

Back down the hill
Back down the hill

To give you a clue of how far I have to walk back down the hill. Then up to collect her and back down again. Just for her to be in nursery for 3 hours. If you click on the photo, and see that third lamp post on the right of the road. In the distance you can just made out a shadowed point, that would be the church, not far from my home. Each Friday before midday I hit my 10,000 steps as my phone so kindly updates me. I don’t mind as I do believe I might actually be losing a little mass around the mid-section. In the rain, that heavy that is no fun but I love my daughters and Bubbles loves interacting with the other children. So needs must and I have a outside shower courtesy of the weather.

Saturday – my husband was working a long day and again on Sunday. Weather seemed to improve but not enough to hang the washing out. Plus Fluffy, Bubbles and my husbands clothes were still in baskets from last week. So I put on the music and got doing it. Fluffy did her own which for a just turned 5 year old, I’m impressed. I was naughty and rewarded her with a movie and chocolate coated doughnut. Bubbles had one too for helping with hers. She paired the socks and put her nightwear away. I deeply appreciated it, the mount of clothes were off-putting to me. I can’t imagine what it looked like from their view. Just got his basket left which he insisted on doing himself. Mainly because he rolls his clothes into tight little bundles and I ‘can’t’ do it properly. If you haven’t worked it out by now from reading past posts. My husband is not only a perfectionist but a control freak. He consistently pulls me up on mis-pronouncing words, spelling, and well everything. It does make me feel, less of a person but he has no say on this. I have seen progress on my home and myself since starting this blog and that is why the long post today.

My husband, I love to bits and he adores me. I’m messy, he hates mess. I have tried to change or rein in the destructive cluttering un-organised  me and he has ‘relaxed’ his orderly ways just enough for children to be children. It works, just because we are from opposite ends of the scales. What I lack he has plenty and visa versa.

Why the change in post?

Well this is why it is taking so long to get anything else done. A full-time mum and wife to a coach driver. I’m trying to build Rome here. There was much I left out little helping friends out on Tuesday and Friday. Rome wasn’t build in a day and clearing my home up won’t get done just like that either. It is all progress and once the living room and bathroom is finished. The room of doom shall empty quite a bit and around the same time a desk is going to be put back up in there. At the moment it is in flat pack form and waiting to see the light of day again. I need to get selling the baby clothes but if you only knew how much I have stored here. It might as well be 3 months worth of washing, all piled up wanted to be put away.

On a good note

Looking forward to Pixels the movie coming out. Geek I know but how cool!


Yes that is a screenshot of my phone.


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Danielle Morris-Brewer is a lifestyle blogger has had an online presence since 1998. Becoming a mother in 2010 and obtaining a BA(HONS) in Graphic Design 2011 has taken her creative, problem-solving skills to new levels. “Getting organised is the key.”

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