School Summer Holidays 2018 Approaching Fast and free printable

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With the school summer holidays approaching fast and not managed to sort out a family holiday or anything to look forward to. Keeping the children happy and occupied is going to be a task and a half.

Depending on the ages of your children and the age range, this adds that extra stress when trying to keep them happy.

Let us not forget if they are of school age, September will bring a new start in a new year, and that can be daunting and exciting to children.

So, let’s reflect on the task ahead of us. Six weeks holiday, to prepare them for the new school year while trying to entertain them and not spending a shed load of money.

Challenge Accepted!

By my rough calculations, there are two weeks to prepare ourselves for the endless amount of complaints, moaning and that dreaded sentence; “I’m bored!”

What is the plan

  1. Make a list of all the things that each of my children would like to achieve through the summer holidays
  2. Make a Summer bucket (and spade) list. Like what I did there?
  3. Get new reading books and set daily goals with them.
  4. Keep them entertained with worksheets
  5. Get Active! Mine children love their bicycles. Also walks including nature hunts. They do love swimming too.
  6. Chore list – they have a simple chore list that is for all year round. But I think that some extra work around the house can build on their team effort skills.
  7. Look up local events.
  8. Visit distant family.
  9. Get Creative! I have hundreds of loo roll inners. Time to put them to good use.
  10. Make play dates with their friends.

I am still going to be looking for a short break away in the meanwhile, but for now, I must work with what I have got.


Talking about what I have got. I have permission to share a free worksheet from, please download and enjoy.


Summer Word Search Download

Let’s have fun this summer and practice our reading skills as we search for these summer words. Be sure to swim on over to for more learning resources and games to keep the reading going strong.



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