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Living room has been cleared out and is actually starting to look like a liveable room now and now a building site. Okay my husband and I has a different style when it comes to painting but hey the world is made up of different sorts of people.

So all the walls and the ceiling have gone grey and we will once finished have an orange band going up and over as well.

It is amazing how much space has been created by just moving the furniture into place. That and taking the boxes out of here. Just some more painting to go and to put all the shelves up on the walls and decide if we are going to put the pictures from the old house. The colours go but I really want to start again and only have want makes us happy.

Good memories and other inspiring art about.

The small toilet has been painted and I’m glad that one picture has gone in there and really is lovely in there.

On another note.

I’m ready to let go of all the baby clothes and baby stuff in general. I’m ready to move on with this part of my life and enjoy my two little girls growing up and having fun with them.

Just sitting in the kitchen with them this morning while they had glitter glue and decorated butterfly cut-outs. They want them to put on the walls in their bedroom.

At first I was like “Ahhhh more stuff to clutter the house up with.” then after thinking about it, It’s ok for children to mess with their creative side. They feel great and get to show off their work in their room. So why not?

Their butterflies are now drying, which with the amount of glue they used. It might take all day and night.

New day and new out look.

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