What a day… So yes all these ‘baby’ items must go.

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Besides it being Friday 13th. And I had to look after my friend’s children, so that was my two little girls plus another two little girls in my house and trust me when I say “loud” wasn’t the word. Could not hear myself think.

As for clearing I am rather proud of myself because I managed to get rid of a rather large baby swing. Brilliant when they were babies and couldn’t do without it. Now they have grown, the box it is stored in is nearly 70 cms in each direction. That is with the swing dismantled within.

I will be sad to see it go as it does say “bye bye, no more babies for you”. Same with the cot and nursery furniture when it went over the past few weeks. I had always hoped for another but it’s not just me. My husband and the two I have already come first and having another would add that extra strain. Like traveling in the car, the idea of trying to fit a third child seat in etc.

So yes all these ‘baby’ items must go. I’m not keeping them for the next one as there won’t be a next one. However much I would love one. It is time to move on from breastfeeding, bottles, nappy changes and hello school homework, reading, spelling and science projects and and and….

My oldest daughter came home from school today and gave me a card that she made for Mother’s day. It was lovely. It also reminded me that I need to do something now to organise and catalogue their artwork and other treasured mark makings in a way that is less cluttered. Will have to think of a way that keeps them happy about me putting their work in the recycling and having a copy that works for all. A bit of research is in order there I think.


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